Who we are

Fundación Avantia is a non-profit organization established in 2019 with the following foundational purposes:

1. Promote educational excellence.

2. Encourage the generation of artistic, scientific or sports manifestations.

3. Grant study aid to orphaned students.

4. Promote continuous training and personal development for adults.

5. Contribute to a Society  governed by values ​​based on justice, knowledge and mutual respect.

6. Finance projects of social interest, especially those of an environmental nature and the fight against climate change.

7. Strengthen and promote social and cultural ties between the peoples of Spain and the World, especially with America. 

Inspirational figure. 

The project for the constitution of the Avantia Foundation arises from the figure of Ms. Manuela Castillo Pérez, anonymous but inspiring woman, for her dedication and constant sacrifice throughout her life. She became a widower at 46 years old, with 4 children, and with a commitment to her deceased husband, D. Daniel Montilla Molina: to get her four children to complete university studies, as the best possible inheritance. In 2001, after half a life of struggle, she achieved her mission, going through stages of enormous economic difficulty and tremendous personal resignation. Now three of her children believe that the time has come to pay tribute to her, so that this Foundation will be a legacy of their dedication and capacity for sacrifice in the form of aid for other orphaned students. 

Avantia Foundation, in addition to its founding purposes, has a catalog of actions with which to develop these purposes, such as courses for young people and adults, international training activities, participation in European projects, or individual and group coaching.